The Best 401k Rollover Options for the Self Employed

If you’ve recently left a job that offered a 401k rollover plan to be self-employed, you may be wondering what the best 401k rollover options are for someone in your situation. The first thing that you might want to do is to leave the 401k funds where they are, and this is an option, depending on the structure of your former employer’s rollover plan. Continue reading

What are My 401K Rollover Options?

If you are changing employers and considering your retirement investment options, an IRA rollover from your 401k plan can be an excellent way to build your retirement nest egg. In fact, there are several different types of IRA rollover options available for individuals seeking to move funds out of their 401k plan. The type of IRA that meets your individual need and requirements will vary; however, all IRA rollovers offer significant tax savings and flexibility of choice.

A 401k plan has many advantages; however, you’re usually restricted to a predetermined set of investment options selected by your employer. In the current economic climate, where global credit markets are unstable and people are losing their retirement savings, an 401k rollover to IRA may represent the flexibility and security that you need. Continue reading