Most Flexible 401K Rollover Options

One of your most flexible 401k rollover options is moving your full account value into a rollover IRA. An IRA gives you greater freedom in choosing investments than a 401k rollover option. Continue reading

The Best 401k Rollover Options for the Self Employed

If you’ve recently left a job that offered a 401k rollover plan to be self-employed, you may be wondering what the best 401k rollover options are for someone in your situation. The first thing that you might want to do is to leave the 401k funds where they are, and this is an option, depending on the structure of your former employer’s rollover plan. Continue reading

Getting to Know Your 401K Rollover Options

You might be surprised to find out that the rollover 401k plan, as one of the older retirement account options, is subject to a greater number of IRS regulations than some of the newer retirement account options that have been developed recently. Continue reading

401k Rollover Options – How to Avoid Tax Penalties

Maybe you’ve changed jobs. Maybe you’ve found that your old employer 401k isn’t performing as well as it could be. Or maybe you have multiple options to rollover 401k accounts from previous employers and you’ve decided that it’s time to get your nest eggs into fewer baskets. For whatever reason, you’ve determined that it’s time to rollover your 401k plan. Now, the challenge becomes how to accomplish that while avoiding tax penalties in your 401k rollover options. Continue reading